Naruto is a hunter fanfiction. ໒🍥";este fanfic contendrá spoilers de animes. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts At Kukuroo Mountain, Illumi sends Killua + Team 7 into a death game. Fanfiction recs naruto emptysurface timetravel uzumaki naruto uchiha sasuke hatake kakashi uchiha itachi uchiha shisui naruto &. But being an Otaku and Naruto fan, he chooses to live in the chaotic world of Naruto. Crimson Hunter-Chapter 3: Accepted Hero. During the month of training for the Chunin Exam, Naruto unlocks a new summon. Naruto Fan Manga Naruto Fan Manga For Hatake Kakashi and Mina fans ෆ Its a manga story that comes from Naruto, which the main character is Mina (new character created by the fan) She fell in love with Hatake Kakashi and chasing him. This one’s about a girl who gets reborn into a poison-specialist clan in the Warring States Era and follows her as she lives through the creation of Konoha. Crimson hunter Chapter 7 truth of a hero. Together with Anko and the Kaa-chan voice in her head, the little blonde will become the strongest ninja and go on many serious and awe inspiring adventures, at least if that Wild Nations perk doesn't get to them first to turn things crazy . com - for fanfiction readers and writers. Nonetheless, Hinata persevered and from her observation of Naruto Uzumaki especially, Hinata found an example to follow. Alluka Zoldyck. Were going on a trip for two months when they were near there destination they got attacked they were fighting. ciel y Sebastián x naruto nanatsu no taisa x naruto ᭃ᭄⃤vivir en tu casa tranquila haciendo streams y vivir como youtuber, hasta que Un vecino se muda alfrente de tu casa. Kenchi618 is a prolific author who tends to write extremely overpowered Narutos. he vows to take back his family business, build his new territory, kill all of those who covet his wealth, and dominate the world! <<less. Naruto: Shippûden: Created by Masashi Kishimoto. When he didn’t know how to pass the level, he awakened the Mind Reading System. Madara asks, fear evident in his voice, as he strains to free his weapon from the demon's grip. Naruto | Anime/Manga Shinobi Male Oc Sasuke Sakura Kakashi Clan Master. What is Naruto Meets His Female Counterpart Fanfic Lemon. I wont categorize them with bias. Naruto was a bounty hunter. He now was a powerful swordsman and was perfected his Ninjutsu, Taijutsu and Genjutsu. Alternate Worlds is a fanfiction about you, the reader, having to leave your world to stay safe from an army of soldiers hunting you down. Once they got to Tazuna's house and got Kakashi on a bed. March 8, 2021 Jiro the Second Prince. He was amazed at what a five year old can do. Crimson Hunter-Chapter 2: Seafaring Hero. But when someone bothers to train him, he takes the world by storm. Well-written, sadly dead. Naruto grew about two feet in those years. Crimson hunter Chapter 5 Romantic hero. D. Later, he is granted a second chance in life with some boons. I will just discuss better and worse sides of both of them. conoces unas semanas después a su hermano que nunca imaginabas que iba a ser el amor de tu vida. linkffn (10406024). The problem is, even if they survive, will Killua have a home to go back to? DISCLAIMER: I don't own Hunter X Hunter or Naruto. Yandere | Reader | Anime/Manga Fanfiction Yandere Naruto Naruto Yandere X Reader Sasuke Sakura Shikamaru. Cost of Living: Kakuzu surprise adopts Naruto when he sees Naruto's regeneration. The premise of this story is an Alternate Universe in which Naruto was able - thanks to a minor stroke of luck - pass his Academy graduation exam on his first try. no harem. Their story has been remake, but keep the same story without changing much detail but will show Kakashi and . Fanfic /. ). Kawaki, who was born in the dragon vein of a planet (Altana), first met Umibozu who was traveling in the universe, and his girlfriend, Kouka. Naruto ends up emulating Kakuzu's world view. As such, his only dream is to become the Hokage - the most powerful ninja, and leader of the village; but first he needs to graduate! 14-09-2021 - todos x naruto . With kushina* The stalemate ended and both fighters jumped back creating some distance between eachother. Aoba transmigrated to the world of Naruto, became an ordinary Yamanaka clan member. Aesthetic Anime. In which Jiraiya decides to have Naruto do the Hunter Exam in the hopes of snapping her out of her goal, only to find himself saddled with two more brats to take in because those two boys refuse to leave Naruto alone. Fall 2002. 9 She Never Learned Her Own Signature Attack. In Naruto: Reborn with Talent. We meet Sasuke, Naruto’s rival, and Sakura, a Sasuke fangirl with a giant crush. These were the days that Naruto found himself ridiculed by the other villagers, tortured and threatened by those who feared him. goku x naruto. ナルト. Watch as Naruto is mentored by Kakuzu to become a powerful ninja and bounty hunter, and follow him as he discovers that his new life requires a payment in blood to live successfully. What is Konoha Watches Naruto Vs Pain Fanfiction. FanFiction Realm - A newly opened forum archive of fanfiction. ໒🍥";No se permiten copias . I dont remember its name anymore, but if anyone could point me to the right direction is welcomed. Formerly the heiress of the Hyūga clan, she lost the position upon being deemed unsuited for the responsibilities of leading the clan. id like to find a fic in which naruto realizes that with his shadow clones and his furry friend within he can pull off being a one man hunter/recon squad. Because fanfictions are incredibly diverse, it's a good idea to figure out where you will stand relative to the rest of it. Illumi escapes, but on Killua's way to stop his brother, he gets caught by Hidden Leaf ninja. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the Naruto universe. Blue Anime. Naruto knew what the real world was about at a young age, but his siblings didn't. Better sides of HxH: 1. "The first is to be the final member of team seven. Naruto. The leader of the village, the Fourth Hokage sacrificed his life to seal the Nine-Tails into a newborn, Naruto Uzumaki. Uh Kay so one day Naruko, Naruto, Sasuke, Neji, Shino, kiba, shikamaru, choji, Hinata, Sakura,Ino, Tenten, Rock Lee. The chapters are not . They don't sense much from him, but something is definitely off . (Modern!Naruto) Okay, I know there are like a billion of these, but they're so much fun! Suggestions are unfortunately closed because the stories are actually complete! YAY! Includes: Naruto, Sasuke, Gaara, Kiba, Kakashi, Shino, Neji, Itachi, Deidara, Shikamaru, and Sai. Menma and Naruko wanted to play 'hero', but Naruto was always the villain. way to short, but anyways hopefully i will be geting it on the 27th in the mail so i can start to read . Crimson Hunter Chapter 6 Reliable hero. The place to come for fanfiction stories that take place in or use characters from the Naruto Press J to jump to the feed. Read more >. FictionAlley - Fanfiction and fanart archive. Best Hiruzen ever. Naruto Uzumaki, is a loud, hyperactive, adolescent ninja who constantly searches for approval and recognition, as well as to become Hokage, who is acknowledged as the leader and strongest of all ninja in the village. Young Clan Master | Naruto Fanfiction. The clan holds a dark secret from its very founder. 01 out of 5 from 93,277 votes. Naruto never existed. He’s got a wild sense of humor, but Naruto is completely serious about his mission to be the world’s greatest ninja! Author/artist Masashi Kishimoto was born in 1974 in rural Okayama Prefecture, Japan. 2002 - 2007. Action Adventure Fanfiction Fantasy Isekai Martial Arts Romance. HxH has a lot better storytelling. He uses Shadows to paralyze his opponents and uses his intellect to trap them. The Waves Arisen is the Naruto equivalent of HPMOR. Crimson Hunter-Chapter 4: Initiate Hero. Side-story to Hunter with a Divine Third. " He knew of Naruto's hunting habits outside of the village. Naruto Boyfriend Scenarios. However between his choices and motivations fans have never really agreed on how they feel about him. He also met a group of friends. Action Comedy Xuanhuan. Hunter X Hunter 104. (Y/n), a little girl that was found near Konohagakure (Konoha), the Village Hidden in the Leaves, was brought in and questioned. This novel can be either good or worst based on whether you accept protagonist personality. Diabolik lover x naruto . Tough one. mc reincarnated as regulus, died, breakthrough the 8 sense, got trapped in the void, got a chatroom. 4 Would Defeat Him: Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto/BtVS/Multi crossover. Naruto knew he was probably the most powerful ninja. He’s a practical joker, unpredictable and sort of a loser. Status: Completed. Xiao Yu, who was a student from modern Earth, accidentally transports to another world and becomes the lord of a territory. That being said, Naruto is very much a Shonen [1] show, so 11 is only a year outside the target age range (12-18), so it's possible they'd be interested and developmentally ready to handle some of the theme. Hinata smiled. His immense chakra and Kurama, the nine-tailed fox, make him stronger than nearly any opponent he would face. "Thank you for weakening my target, I have been chasing him for a long time" the masked hunter nin said in an even tone. Galaxia Wallpaper. Random Gif. If you like HPMOR/rational fiction you'll like this; otherwise stay clear. Answer (1 of 101): Ok. Yes, you can go back to the same world or ma. " Its right hand still clenched around his foe's blade yet not drawing blood, he pulls his left hand back in preparation of a punch, Madara his mind clouded with fear and busy trying . Naruto walked outside with Yosuke and Satsuki following him. The witches were organized like the shinobi sistem with just a few differences, The children had to choose their studies between nine covens : illusion, construction, plant, potion, beast keeping, oracle, healing, bard and abomination. The story's premise is that a semi-immortal Naruto . ciel y Sebastián x naruto nanatsu no taisa x naruto We meet Naruto. This novel is about how protagonist, a transmigrator, plan conspiracy to become the mastermind of events in the world. You've just arrived in a new city to clean your slate, and it's been good so far! Making friends, getting good grades, and no one has found out about your secret. ¶¶¶¶¶ I don't own One Piece nor do I own its characters, all I own is the protagonist, after all, this is just a fanfic without any profit, just for fun. The fall of the Ninja the Rise of the Hunter "It's over," Naruto said Sasuke was knocked out and laying on the ground the retrieval mission was a success. Naruto crossover fanfiction archive. Twelve years before the start of the series, the Nine-Tails attacked Konohagakure, destroying much of the village and taking many lives. By Timothy Donohoo May 8, 2022 My Hero Academia's All For One Has Become the New Orochimaru Read more >. She first hunted rabbits and started hunting bigger animals when she got older. Con una tortuga con el poder de los viajes temporales, sin Boruto a su lado y con el grave problema de que en esa actualidad Sasuke no es quien alguna vez afirmó, deberá descubrir cómo regresar a la que fuera su actualidad antes de que Urashiki tuviera la fantástica idea de jugar con el tiempo. Its basically an entire storyline of Naruto fucking women from the naruto universe (Manga, Anime and Movies. Naruto Shinobi Ranks - Ninja Ranks. and with it a passage to a world where skill, and not chakra and stronger jutsus and bloodlines, can decide your life or death. Screenshots. A 13 year-old Killua Zoldyck's aniki, Illumi, commits murder in the village of Konohagakure. Hinata Uzumaki (うずまきヒナタ, Uzumaki Hinata, née Hyūga (日向)) is a kunoichi of Konohagakure. AkatsukiDaybreak • FR15 • Chapters [2] • Words [6,786] • Recs [1] • Reviews [15] • Hits [6,090 . The Cost of Living by livezinshadowz. With Junko Takeuchi, Maile Flanagan, Kate Higgins, Chie Nakamura. Facing an unfavorable situation, . First Try Series. more>>. The otsutsuki's eyes shinned as white flames spread towards naruto who merely whistled as a extreme wind gust erupted taking out the flames as toneri covered his face the wind blowing debris everywhere as he took off a black rod appearing in his grasp he twirled it around and swung it towards naruto's chest the otsutsuki from earth blocked it . Naruto character Shino Aburame is known for controlling insects and not much else, with the biggest mystery about him being his sunglasses. Taken back to the village, people are suspicious of him and nobody trusts him either. Academy students take formal and practical tests of all sorts and are taught basic ninja skills, such as martial . 14-09-2021 - todos x naruto . Rank #827. "Allow me to take the body, farewell leaf ninja" the masked hunter said as he picked up the body and left with a shunshin. Naruto Uzumaki is Hokage for a reason. Chapter of Pain Invasion - starts. Kakashi then proceeded to beat Zabuza before a hunter nin 'killed' Zabuza and took him away. A medical student died because of negligence of the authorities. Trapped in a Video Game, Naruto must get it on to level up. Now Naruto and the rest of the Konoha Twelve must deal with these and learn to use them to their advantage. As the reincarnation of Asura Otsutsuki, Naruto Uzumaki was born with an exceptionally strong vitality and incredible physical prowess. Follow him and his loved ones on their journey to become strong as they pave their own path through the battle-filled world of Naruto. Gray-Man 103 . Fic Request. The demon says two words, his voice deep and dark, "Devil Trigger. Decide how true to the original you want to be. "All this effort to retrieve a traitor and yet I keep getting an ominous feeling that something bad was coming, "Naruto thought to himself. pretty much, he'd use use shadow clones almost same as canon, but he manages to learn how to replicate inuzuka tracking/hunting methods, uses clones to drain chakra like aburame . She fell in love with him the moment he saved her and opened the bag she was in. These are the known ninja ranks that can be obtained by a ninja within the world of Naruto. You travel to many worlds like Naruto to stay safe, along the way you make many friends and visit them occasionally. Prequel and later midquel to HwaDT. Naruto Uzumaki is a young ninja who bears a great power hidden inside him, a power that has isolated him from the rest of his village. net xD. Synopsis. The epic adventures of the world’s greatest ninja! Naruto is a young shinobi with an incorrigible knack for mischief. Shinobi of the High Seas by Kenchi618 is a crossover fanfic between Naruto and One Piece that takes a rather cliche and overdone idea and takes it in a completely different direction than expected, resulting in something both original and highly awesome. The Empty Cage: Kyuubi's in control from the start. Orphaned by the attack, Naruto was shunned by the villagers, who . A special technique that allows people to remember past lives and retrieve skills from them. He hid and trained for years making up jutsu's and perfecting all of his skills. That statement reminded Jiraiya of another way to stop Naruto going after Sasuke. The story will follow canon for the initial part with a new plot. y tu sorpresa es grande cuando descubres que es un famoso youtuber de Argentina, pero. The power of the mighty Nine Tailed Fox demon was bestowed upon Naruto when he was only nine years old, barely old enough to even become a shinobi. 86 Sasuke busca, los demás encuentran » by Ana Kogane Holt Sasuke echó a perder todo. * &nbsp; well except maybe micah . Hinata’s cheeks lit up red, but she couldn’t bring herself to push him anyway: it was the last bit of intimacy they’d have for more than a month, after all. While the Uzumaki bloodline already strengthens Naruto's chakra, being Asura's reincarnation bolsters that even more. Naruto Funny. Well-written, munchkined, rational Naruto. My response to pudgypudge's Jiongu challenge. Mature. This includes Killua Zoldyck. Being the head of the Chuseigami Clan and being a shinobi is no walk along the river. Answer (1 of 36): That'll depend on what you believe is appropriate for your 11 year old. Fan History - Wiki dedicated to the history of fanfic and fandom; Masked Fan Fiction - Fan Fiction Archive; Fan Fiction information - On Wikipedia; Fictionesque. , get out of there. The academy is where would-be ninja start; they are not actually considered ninja until they graduate. For example, Naruto has Rasengan, Sasuke has Chidori, Shikamaru has his Shadow Possession Jutsu, and Sakura has nothing. Shinobi of the High Seas. Soon after, Kakashi passed out from Chakra Exhaustion and Naruto made a clone to carry him. Complete. Some fanfiction will run amok with the source material to the point where it has no resemblance to the original. This is a facfic, I do NOT own the art work, grammatical errors and I may or may not includes the Filler episodes. . It all depends on the readers' enthusiasm for this interesting book. 1 Isn't Worthless: He Is The Reincarnation Of Asura Otsutsuki. linkffn (12572149). I played a bit around with "Naruto Konoha Senki" and thats how it turned out I have a soft spot for this game since it was the first game I came across when I discovered Naruto so I decided to have a go at making a 'passable' English translation using my . Also i last read it on Fanfiction. Naruto: Created by Masashi Kishimoto. Although Sakura came from a clan with no specialty Jutsu, she . Ohhh especially the movies hehe) Sometimes, solos, orgies, kagebunshin. But this one boy stands out to you, even if he is in the background. Series involve in novel are Naruto, One Piece, Overlord (small arc), Bleach, Marvel. The main character gets reborn as Minato’s sister but it does good in not making her OP. Note: I own nothing except the idea. Crimson Hunter-Chapter 1: A Lost Hero. He chooses to embrace that world, and become also a Hunter. Instead, she just enjoyed it, shoving down her embarrassment. . A Hunter was definitely stronger than a shinobi. “Hey, be safe,” her husband said as he drew away, his cheeks almost as red as hers. Naruto was walking through the woods when he chanced upon Hinata in a sack slung over a Cloud Jounnin's shoulder. For the most part, every ninja has their own signature attack that was inherited either from their clan or a mentor. Later, he came to Earth by accident and met the teacher who affected his life —Yoshida Shouyou. It has good realism. Due to his frail body, the clan arranged for him to become Anbu in the Konohagakure Intelligence Division and conduct mind-reading interrogation work. The First Try Series is a collection of Naruto For Want of a Nail Fanfiction stories, written by the prolific Luci llia. Through her membership with . Inuyasha x naruto. The story is told in two parts – the first set in Naruto's pre-teen years, and the second in his teens. Features pining!naruto and sexuallyfrustrated!naruto lol. 157 For a Roll of The Dice » by Kurasabe Little Naru didn't know where the weird floating box shape came from and can honestly say she doesn't give a s**t. He is incredibly powerful, having defeated the most deadly villains to appear in the series. Kyuubi is competent and plans things out long in advance to try and keep himself hidden. 4. It tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki, a young ninja who seeks recognition from his peers and dreams of becoming the Hokage, the leader of his village. He ran away from the village 10 years ago. Bee Movie. How she skinned them and uses them to keep her warm at night or sell them when caravans enter the village. Of course, the audience knows the truth, that Naruto is the orphaned son of a great leader, and that he has the powerful Nine-Tailed Fox trapped inside of him. November 6, 2021. A soul was transmigrated into Narutoverse but was refused to be given any sort of insta-OP power, instead, he could choose from three talents. Luego de la Guerra Susuke y Naruto empezaron a salir y hacerse pareja dejándolo en claro ante las personas las cuales lo tomaron bien, luego de meses en su relación Susuke empezó a ser un poco frío y despreocupado con Naruto sin darse cuenta, luego de una pelea con Naruto ese mismo día Sasuke regreso en la casa donde vivían . I also don't own any pictures used in this book or the cover. Naruto Uzumaki, a mischievous adolescent ninja, struggles as he searches for recognition and dreams of becoming the Hokage, the village's leader and strongest ninja. well i finaly got around to pre ordering my copy of &nbsp;the newest Anita Blake Vampire Hunter novel &nbsp;"Blood Noir" which i am sure will be just as kick ass as the last like 300 books in the series * ok i exagerate but its got to be close to 20 by now. I don't own Bleach, Attack on titan, Hunter X Hunter, Naruto, and I don't own their characters. She could only get his name before he disappeared into the woods, running from her family that was running to the sight. "You look like you are an experience hunter. ) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. At Kukuroo Mountain, Illumi sends Killua + Team 7 into a death game. When they arrived and met Lady Tsunade Naruto had explained Tayuya's predicament to her. Getting started with natural tooth (95488) mc reincarnated as the twin brother of ikki kurogane and travel to other worlds with a system to become a demon. Togashi and Kishimoto do respectively.

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